PS5 dualsense controller with a blue filter.

The PS5 controller is a major step up from its predecessor, the Dualshock 4. With better ergonomics, haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, the controller is a joy to use with different devices. Here’s how to pair the Dualsense controller with multiple devices.

How to pair the PS5 controller

  1. To enter pairing mode, press and hold both the “Create button” and the “PS button”. The create button is located on the top left, next to the trackpad, and the PS button is in the center with the PS logo. 
  2. Now hold the buttons until the controller starts blinking. See the picture below for guidance.
how to pair the PS5 Dualsense controller.
Note: The PS5 controller can only be paired to one device at a time, therefore you'll need to repeat this process when you pair a new device.

Does the PS5 controller work with PS4?

Unfortunately, the PS5 DualSense controller does not work on the PS4. However, it’s possible to use the controller with Remote Play.

To use Remote Play, download the PS Remote Play app on the Appstore and connect with your PS4 console. You’ll now be able to play PS4 games with the PS5 DualSense controller on the host device.

Does the PS5 controller work with PS3?

Yes, the PS5 controller does work with the PS3. To connect the controller, start the pairing process by holding the “Create button” and “PS button” until a blue light starts flashing. To add a new Bluetooth device on the PS3, go to Settings>Accessory settings> Manage Bluetooth devices and scan for new devices. Now select the controller when it’s found. 

Note: DualSense adaptive triggers and haptic feedback do not work on the PS3. Additionally, most games play well with the PS5 controller, but there may be a few incompatible games.

Overall the experience is pleasant, even on such an old device; considering the feel and better ergonomics of the PS5 controller.

How to pair PS5 controller with Windows 11

For a while, the PS5 controller hasn’t been supported on Windows 10/11. The operating system would recognize the controller, but the inputs would not work properly. 

The workaround is to:

  • Play Steam games. Steam has native PS5 input, therefore the PS5 controller will work.
  • Install the DS4Windows app. This app will properly map the controller by tricking the OS into thinking that it’s an XBOX controller.
  • Connect the controller via USB. The controller works out of the box when connected via USB.

Furthermore, you can now update the firmware of your PS5 controller directly from Windows 11 without needing a PS5. To get these updates, download the app “Firmware updater for DualSense“.

Note: Adaptive triggers and haptic feedback currently works only via a USB connection. Also, not all games support it. For a full list of games that take advantage of the DualSense controller, check out this link.

How to pair PS5 controller with Mac OS Ventura

The PS5 controller plays well with Mac OS Ventura. To pair the two devices:

  1. Enter pairing mode on the PS5 controller by pressing and holding (Create button + PS button) for 3-5 seconds, until a blue light blinks.
  2. On Mac OS Ventura, Open System Settings>Bluetooth>Nearby Devices and connect the controller.

You can also download the PS Remote Play app for Mac OS here to remotely play your PS4 or PS5 games.

How to pair PS5 controller with Android 

There used to be mapping issues with the PS5 controller on Android, but with recent updates on Android 12, everything seems to be working fine. To pair the controller, follow the same procedure.

Here’s a link to the PS Remote Play app for Android.

How to pair PS5 controller with iOS

The PS5 controller works flawlessly on iOS. If a game supports controller input, you should be able to use it.

To play PS4 & PS5 games remotely on your iPad or iPhone, download the Remote Play app by clicking this link.

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