Founded in 2018, Vividbay focuses on tech, science and pop-culture. 

Our goal is to produce high-quality content for our audience. To inspire a new generation of tech enthuasits. To share what we love!


Our mission

To inform you on the latest gadgets

We love tech at Vividbay and our goal is to inform you on what's out there.

To build a community

We hope to build a space that people can interact and grow as a group. Feel free to comment, share and contribute in any of our articles.

To gain your trust

We strive to create high-quality content that can benefit you. A source that you can trust to recommend you the right products.

To be your guide

Troubleshooting guides, product reviews, comparisons and DIY projects. We aim to inform and guide our users.

What we do

Our content is versatile, covering mostly tech, science, cars and enternatinement.

magic keyboard in action.

Product reviews

We review Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Cars and anything of interest.

a bent spanner.

Tech guides

We provide troubleshooting guides, including DIY projects and "How to" articles


We love movies, series and games.

robot floating


We cover scientific topics such as Space and renewable energy.

Our Story

When I was in College, I loved watching tech videos on Youtube from channels like MKBHD, Linus Tech Tips, Mrwhosetheboss, Unbox Therapy and the Verge. It was so satisfying to see different reviews and comparisons from my favourite YouTubers. As a tech enthusiast myself, I felt inspired to start my own tech site, Vividbay.com. I then ventured to create an online business (neonbuild.com) which is a platform that allows users to make apps without coding; and my personal blog, kenyonndez.com.

Vividbay.com founder, Kenyon Ndezi.

Kenyon Ndezi

Founder of Vividbay

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