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The Galaxy Watch 4 is one of the best Android watches money can buy. It has amazing build quality, a refined software expirience and impressive exercise tracking features. One of these features is route tracking, where the watch tracks your movement on a trail and presents it visually on a map.

How to turn on route tracking (record location)

To get a visual reference of the map and path of a trail when looking at excercise activity, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open Samsung health and go to settings

When the app opens, scroll to the bottom and click on settings.

galaxy watch 4 health app settings

Step 2: Once in settings, click on "Activities to detect"

Also make sure the toggle is on

galaxy watch 4 health app settings

Step 3: Click on "Walking/Running"

galaxy watch 4 health app settings

Step 4: Click on "Record location"

galaxy watch 4 health app settings

Step 5: Accept location permissions when prompted

Step 6: Turn on GPS location if it's off

Map data will not be available when viewing exercise history without GPS location. To turn on GPS, pull down the notification bar by swiping down from the top and click on the GPS icon.

What type of information does the map show

samsung galaxy health app

Whenever you manualy start a running or walking workout, the watch will automaticaly track your location and present it on a map. The map will showcase useful information such as pace, laps and path. 

There is something rewarding, seeing this type of information on a map. It gives you a broader perspective of how far you’ve run or walked. It also encourages you to pursue and explore newer trails.

Will the watch record your location with automatic tracking?

Sometimes you may forget to start a workout. Thankfully, the Galaxy Watch 4 will automatically track your run/walk. However, in this mode, location will be recorded without a path; Meaning, you will not see a visual representation of the trail on a map. Only an approximate location will be shown like the picture below.

how google maps looks like on a smartwatch

Why would you want to track your path?

  • It’s fun
  • Encourages you to walk more and explore new trails
  • Shows useful information and gives you a visual perspective of your walk/run
  • Great for challenging friends
  • Easy to share and show others your achievements

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