Samsung’s Galaxy S20 is not the most exciting Samsung smartphone. It was ambitious, expensive, and overlooked; however, it’s a solid device that is premium, feature-packed, and worth considering in 2021. Especially now, as it’s cheaper to buy.

Specs. Display

The s20 features a 120Hz 6.2 inch AMOLED display, with a pixel density of 563ppi and Corning Gorilla Glass 6. With the high refresh rate, vivid colors, and edgeless design, the Galaxy S20 display is comparable OR even better than some flagships that were released in 2021. Samsung spared no expense when it came to the screen panel. It’s great for watching movies, Youtube and Netflix. The screen also supports HDR10+, so expect those inky blacks when viewing content.

Hardware and features

The Galaxy s20 rocks a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 for the US version or Exynos 990 for the UK version. If an option is presented, it would be wise to buy the Snapdragon version as it’s better at cooling and RAM management. The Snapdragon processor is also more efficient compared to the Exynos. In addition, the phone comes equipped with 128GB of storage, 12GB or 8GB of ram depending on the region, and an SD card slot that is expandable to 1TB. This is crazy, considering that the new Galaxy s21 lineup doesn’t have expandable storage.


Sporting a triple camera like any modern smartphone, the S20 is fitted with a 12 MP wide lens, a 64 MP telephoto lens, and a 12 MP ultrawide lens. The camera performs great in various lighting conditions and it doesn’t fall short when compared to 2021 flagships. Of course, the S21 Ultra and the iPhone 12 are superior in terms of quality and processing, but, the S20 is not far behind. A casual user won’t even notice the difference.

Updates & OS

The s20 is running on the latest version of Android, with Samsungs own skin, One UI 3.1. There are 3 years of major Android updates that this phone will get. If software and security are a priority, the S20 is still fully supported by Samsung. Additionally, the software experience is comparable (if not identical) to the S21 line-up.

Other cool features

-IP68 Water-resistant
-Wireless Samsung Dex
-8K video recording
-Fast charging
-Future proof with 12GB of ram and expandable storage
-Fast processor
-120 Hz display.

-Battery life isn’t that great
-Backglass leaves fingerprint marks
-In-display fingerprint sensor is not very effective when unlocking
-QHD resolution (3200 * 1440) can’t be used with 120 Hz. The display is locked at 1080p with a higher refresh rate. 1440p can only be used with 60 Hz.
-Not many color options

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