Apple is arguably the most famous tech company in the world. From iPhones and iPads to the new in-house silicon laptops, Apple is making waves and setting the golden standard for products. However, in recent years, people have felt that the company hasn’t been innovating or quick enough to adopt new features, especially when their devices are compared to Windows and Android products. Competitors offer folding screens, crazy modular designs, 3-in-1 devices and many other features. 

Regardless, Apple has really stepped up their game with the new M1 and M2 chips. Check out some of the first technologies Apple adopted and pioneered for the mainstream.

The first laptop computer to have wifi

Did you know the first laptop to have wifi was the iBook G3? It was released in 1999 and at the time, this was a pretty big deal. Steve Jobs even had to use a hula hoop to show that the iBook G3 wasn’t connected to any wires. Of course, the crowd cheered with excitement!

The first personal computer with a graphical user interface and a mouse

lisa computer

In 1983, Apple released the Lisa computer. It was one of a kind because it came with two features that everyone takes for granted today. A graphical user interface and a mouse. Of course, the Lisa was a failure due to its expensive price, but it served its purpose by showing what a personal computer should be. Instead of typing every command, users could click and drag icons on their screens. Pretty neat for the time.

(Note: Apple did not invent the mouse. The Lisa was just the first commercial computer to use it)

Home networking

Appletalk personal network was revolutionary. It was a true plug-and-play home networking solution that was simple to use. It allowed local area networks to be connected with no prior setup or the need for a centralized router or server of any sort. You could see all your connected devices in one place through the chooser. Did I mention this was in 1985?

Apple Macintosh

Definitely not the first, but the Apple Macintosh pioneered some of the features we use today.

  •  Cut-and-paste
  • Undo
  • Point-and-shoot menu selection
  • Built-in video
  • Voice control
  • The API
  • Built-in networking capability
  • Built-in SCSI
  • Plug-and-play design philosophy
  • Dynamic memory allocation
  • Hypertext
  • 24-bit color capability

Note: Apple did not invent these features.

What wasn't included?

Apple has been involved with many other tech projects that weren’t mentioned in this article. Including the iPod, iPhone, firewire, laptop product designs and other significant pivotal moments that have pioneered certain features to the mainstream.


Apple has made significant contributions to the tech industry by reworking, polishing, and refining features; and introducing them to the masses. What fascinates me is that whether Apple was the first to do something or not, its core mission is to always make products that just work out of the box; and that by itself carries a lot of weight.


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