Apples latest and brightest. The iPhone x definitely makes an outstanding entrance. With a bezeless design and a gorgeous 5.8” Amoled display, this might just be the iPhone that hits that sweet spot.
As anticipated, Apple had to keep up with the likes of Samsung and every other smartphone maker out there. The design is flawless on the front but very unsubtle from behind. Aesthetic wise, the iPhone X might not be the prettiest, however, there is just so much to love about this phone. For a while, the design language of the iPhone has been the same throughout the years. The new redefined look gives it a nice futuristic look that people seem to love.


Another interesting fact about the new iPhone is the removal of the home button. That’s right, you read it right. Similar to Googles pixel and other android devices, the home button is embedded in the software. This helps to create space for those wonderful bezels. It will definitely take time for people to adjust to the new user interface.

Looking beyond the obvious, the new iPhone x is equipped with powerful sensors that facilitate the face ID for unlocking. Its a bummer that touch ID was removed. It just doesn’t feel natural unlocking the phone by looking at it in certain situations. However,  face ID is incredibly fast and it performs really well. There have been some tests that suggest, an identical twin sibling can open the device. Whether this is legit or not, I would suggest that you always keep your $1000 dollar phone close to you.

Similar to the iPhone 8, the iPhone X is equipped with IP67 water resistance and a Apple A11 bionic chipset. Both phones are fast and reliable, but what distinguishes them most is the design and the overall aesthetics. When it comes to a purchasing decision, the two things you would want to look at is the overall designs of the two phones and the price tag.


The iPhone X might not be the device for everyone. The enormous price tag just doesn’t cut it. For similar or even better hardware, you can get something worth your while for a cheaper price. From companies such as Samsung, all the way to LG. It is hard to recommend the iPhone X to a daily consumer. If you are an iPhone fan, and iOS is all you want, then give the iPhone 8 a try. The experience will be similar to say the least. For those that have extra cash to spare, the iPhone X is certainly the real deal. The gorgeous display, the intuitive design and the snappy software. It definitely is the best iPhone ever made.

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