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The long-awaited Disney+ is finally here. It’s a promising service that offers a long line of classic nostalgic content and a simple user interface. However, Disney+ might not be for everyone.

Rough start

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There have been numerous reports of service failures and error messages during launch, which were addressed by Disney as an over-influx of traffic subscribing to the service. A Disney representative said demand “exceeded our high expectations.” I guess that’s a good excuse for poor service. I’m being sarcastic.


disney+ content

Content is king and this is where Netflix might have the upper hand. Don’t get me wrong, Disney has amazing content. From Marvel Studios, Pixar, Star Wars and Disney originals, this is compelling enough to make anyone subscribe. Nevertheless, Disney+ lacks versatility when it’s compared to Netflix. Disney seems like it’s predominately targeting a specific audience with its family-friendly content. Netflix offers unique shows that you won’t find anywhere such as black mirror, Narcos, Sense8 and many more which are more geared towards Adults.

Netflix has also invested a lot of money on anime, documentaries, reality shows, and countless originals. It’s mind-blowing how massive their catalog is. Disney, on the other hand, is still new, and it relies mostly on old content. Most people will probably subscribe to both as they offer different experiences. Unless you don’t mind rewatching Toy Stories 5 times a day.

User interface

disney+ user interface

Disney+’ user interface is simple and easy to navigate. If you’ve used Netflix or any other streaming service, you might see some similarities with the layout. Of course, Netflix UI is more advanced and reliable when it comes to recommending shows and adding them to your interest list. Another feature that Disney+ should implement is the quick view feature that allows you to hover on top movies and a trailer or clip of the movie will be played before you open it.


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Disney+ has compelling prices that will fit the budgets of most people. With $6.99 per month or $69.99 per year, you’ll get content in an amazing 4k resolution on 4 devices. This is a steal when compared to Netflix’s pricing. Amazon is also another contender that is hard to beat when it comes to value and pricing. Their service offers streaming movies, cloud storage, music and 2 day Prime shipping for $12.99. That is the best value for your money when it comes to streaming.

HULU, ESPN and Disney+ bundle


Disney owns HULU and ESPN which can be bundled with Disney+ for $12.99 a month. Unfortunately, HULU is only available in the US. It’s still a sweet deal for people who can get the bundle.

Disney+ is truly promising. It offers competitive pricing, amazing content and a simple user interface. For most people, Disney will not replace Netflix but will act as a companion.

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One reply on “Disney+ review. Promising but doesn’t deliver.”

  • November 20, 2019 at 3:49 pm

    I am actually excited for Disney +. Old, classic cartoons were the best compared to what they have now. I definitely I agree with you on this one, netflix has the upper hand on this one. Great article Mr. Ndezi